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Knowledge about the Internet-Knowledge about the History of Internet-Internet Knowledge 24

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Internet knowledge



Internet is an enormous assortment of computers all around the world that are associated. it is a worldwide network of computers. these computers  are associated through various media communications joins like:

phone lines

fiber optics

satellites and wireless connections

Internet is used to find information stored on the computers is called hosts and servers. these computers utilized a typical convention called TCP/IP for correspondence. TCP/IP represents transmission control protocol/internet protocol. every computer associated with the web can go about as a host. a host computer provides a collection of data to the people.

People can find information about books, novels, magazines, study material, and other types of material on the internet. they can get export opinions on any topic. they can likewise communicate with the world community on various subjects.


knowledge about history of  the internet
knowledge about the working of internet

the work on the internet was started in the 1960s during the cold war between Russia and America. America needed to speak with its military. an organization of four computers was created in the beginning..  the project was handed over to DARPA ( Defense  Advanced Research Project Agency). DARPA began associating computers with various universities and protection organizations. 

various universities and research associations additionally began the development of their network to impart data and information to others.  after a couple of years, all networks of universities and exploration associations were associated by DARPA with one another to make the world's biggest network. this network is currently known as the internet. 

in 1989, all previous networks were replaced by NSFFNET of the national science foundation. 


knowledge about the working of the internet
knowledge about the working of the internet

the internet is the collection  of millions of computers. these computers are associated with a computer network. the network is used by the computers to communicate with one another. a personal computer can be connected to the internet by using phones lines, DSL, or cable modem. these devices communicate with the server of the network access supplier.

A computer in a university or business is usually connected with a local area network using a network interface card (NIC). the business or university interfaces its LAN with an ISP utilizing a rapid telephone line like a T1 line. A T1 line can handle approximately 1.5 million BPS (bits per second). A normal phone line with a modem can handle 13000 to 15000 BPS.

Network access suppliers are associated with bigger ISPs. The biggest ISPs keep up with fiber-optic spines for a whole district. spines are associated through fiber-optic lines, submarine links, or satellite connections.


Internet addresses are used to access different computers on the internet each computer has a unique address this address is used to establish a connection with that computer.


there are two types of addressing schemes on the Internet known IP addressing  and DNS addressing


knowledge about the IP address on the internet

IP address (Internet protocol) is a unique number that refers to a computer connected to the internet. the two types of IP addressing schemes are called IPv4 and IPv6. IPv4 address is a 32-bit number and consists of four numbers separated by a period. each number is between 0 and 255. IPv6 address comprises 16 bytes (128 bits).

A server on the internet has a static IP address it does not change very often. when a computer connects to the internet it also gets an IP address by the ISP this IP address is used only during the season and is not static.


knowledge about dns internet on the internet
knowledge about the DNS address 

An IP address is difficult to remember for the users. all servers on the Internet also have a human-readable name called domain names. A domain name comprises text rather than numbers. it corresponds to an IP address of a server that hosts a website the domain name is easier to remember than the IP address knowledge24.website is an example of a domain name.

Internet corporation for assigned name and numbers(ICANN)  is a group that assigns and controls the top-level domain a method used to store the domain name and corresponding IP addresses is called domain name system(DNS).

some of the ordinarily used top-level domains are as follows 

DOMAIN                          TYPE

.com                                  commercial organization

.edu                                   education institution

.gov                                  government department

.mil                                   military organization

.net                                   network providers

.org                                  non-profit organization

knowledge about the internet:

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